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Mission, Vision and Focus

Mission is to work with clients to provide legally protectable, consistent, media-neutral communications; and through innovative creativity, start conversations and create memorable experiences with theirs.
Vision is to guide the creation, development and cultivation of globally recognized brands.

Focus is on creating uniquely customized projects tailored to the overall needs of clients; by focusing on the needs of theirs.

The original business idea was formed in 1994 as INC Electronics, almost became WTF Graphics, which then morphed into Mindset Graphics, Caedrius Group and was re-branded as Pixels Matter. we've had my share of naming blunders in the past for sure, so we're extra careful about those types of things these days.

Three Laws of Agency

The First Law
Agencies may not injure a client's brand or, through inaction, allow a client's brand to come to harm.  

The Second Law
Agencies must obey any requests given by clients, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.  

The Third Law
Agencies must protect morals and integrity, even if such protection conflicts with the First or Second Law.

Factoid: Ian has been designing for the web in one form or the other since the Commodore 64 was the computer to own. He has done ASCII design, computer programming and computer maintenance since the mid 80's.


The PXLM Tribe

Ian G. Lang Designer, Developer

I live to combine tech and creative.  I want to help people reach beyond local shooting for a more global appeal. I want to teach people that it’s not too difficult to take responsibility and change website content easily, by themselves. I believe in teaching people how to take care of the tools they’ve been provided, and most of all, to smooth technology out for them.

How We Work

This is a high level process overview in steps.
(based on the Rational Unified Process developed by IBM)

1) Discover

Assets, wants and needs, contacts.

2) Develop

Project checklists / milestones, competitive research & analysis, roadmaps, and KPIs.

3) Form

Wireframes, story boards, mockups, mood boards, UX diagrams, and flowcharts.

4) Function

Combine it all together.

5) Test

Functionality and feature assessment.

6) Deliver

Sign off and Handoff.  Licensing, Copyright assignment, & Legal.

7) Evolve

Ongoing brand monitoring and maintenance.