The big idea:

Design, Programming, 3D Printing and IT related DIY on multiple platforms without offshoring work. 

  • Being a leader in the communities that the company is part of.
  • Creating Joomla based websites
  • NOT fixing phones or tablets.
  • Providing diagnostics and purchasing advice to clients about computer related issues.

How it's going to happen:

  • Committing to ontime delivery of clearly defined projects with milestones.
  • Committing to a 24 hour response time in most cases, with a clearly defined SLA and competitive rates for each.
  • Not taking on too much work so time isn't split and there's no bleed between projects.
  • Do a little extra without killing the company financially.
  • Staying more focused and task oriented.
  • Updating clients on a regular basis with facts and updates without excuses.
  • Keeping personal and business separated.
  • Making SMART decisions.