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Ian G. Lang Designer, Developer

I live to combine tech and creative.  I want to help people reach beyond local shooting for a more global appeal. I want to teach people that it’s not too difficult to take responsibility and change website content easily, by themselves. I believe in teaching people how to take care of the tools they’ve been provided, and most of all, to smooth technology out for them.

I’m known for Being the one who tells it bluntly. For missing self imposed deadlines but providing a superior product. Having an answer, being knowledgeable in most things tech and design. For looking at the bigger picture for inspiring people.
I help my clients realize a bigger picture and open new doors for them to capitalize on their products and services. They tell me they wouldn’t have thought of that. I make their brain hurt, but in a good way. I am a flow of information.
I’ve worked with political bodies, not-for profit societies, corporations and Micro to SMBs. I’ve done everything from create strategic plans for expanding, branding, development, technical support, consulting.
Professionally I’m all about not letting businesses shoot themselves in the foot by not thinking broadly enough. There’s a visible improvement to the outlook of the client like a piece they’ve needed has finally been delivered that will allow them to move forward.
I can’t stop talking about self improvement and business. I have difficulty separating them. When I manage to, I talk about my daughter or frugal purchasing (garage sales, thrift stores etc)
When I’m not working, I am still in front of a screen, whether it’s TV, Music creation, art or programming. Sometimes I’m just in the mood to research.
I’ve been a creative for over 27 years having helped create AVI 4A1-02 – an art portfolio course designed for college entry.
I grew up just outside Toronto. After a lot of moving, we finally had a choice to move to Nova scotia or not. My clients didn’t seem to mind and the company my wife worked for helped us make the move.
I’m hoping to win an award or two when the business foundations are complete. For now, just award winning service.
I couldn’t live without my wife. She seriously completes me in every way. She’s my keeper, my mentor, my gopher, my everything. I would be on the streets with nothing if it weren’t for her in my life. Aside from that, internet access. Connectivity.
People who don’t want to work with me always seem to be the ones who don’t have any understanding of either the process or the value of what I do. I’m working on correcting the understanding by creating a transparent generic process.
I want to be remembered… this is tough. Reliable. Pivotal in creating success and confidence in business owners and employees.
I’ll go to the ends of the earth for people as long as I feel I’ve been treated right.